Public Adjuster in Coral Springs

Public Adjuster in Coral Springs assists the policyholder through the entire insurance claims process to achieve the best fair and just settlement (for the policyholder).

What is a Public Adjuster?
A Public Adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster who represents the insurance policyholder (versus the Insurance Company or carrier) by scoping the damage or loss; and determining the cost of the loss or damage in order to negotiate a settlement for the homeowner with the insurance provider. A Public Adjuster supervises all aspects of the claim on behalf of the policyholder, in order to obtain a just and fair reimbursement for the business or homeowner. D’Orsa and Associates, LLC will fight on your behalf, representing you personally through all stages of your insurance claims process.

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Why should I use a Public Adjuster?
Insurance companies subsist to build a profit. Consequently, when they compensate for a claim, they have less capital to give back to themselves and their stock holders. When an amateur, as opposed to a Public Adjuster, negotiates with the insurance company, they are inclined to utilize the wrong verbiage enabling the insurance company to truncate and deny the insured’s claim. The insurance industry is one of those institutions that use their own language. The insurance company endeavors to intimidate the policyholder into acquiescing and accepting an insufficient reimbursement for their loss, knowing full well the resources are not near enough to appropriately repair or replace the loss.

Although, Public Adjusters work on a contingency basis, paid in the form of a percentage of your claim; hiring a Public Adjuster is better than having no adjuster at all. Public Adjusters have the expertise to negotiate with the insurance company to attain the homeowner or business owner significantly more compensation then the policyholder would receive on their own.

A Public Adjuster may as well titled A PRIVATE ADJUSTER because a Public Adjuster actually is employed by the private policyholder to ensure the homeowner or business owner receives a fair and just settlement for their loss. The insurance industry attempts to induce the distressed homeowner or business owner to forget they have been paying sky rocketing premiums for years!

There are three types of Insurance Adjusters

Staff Adjuster: Is an employee of the insurance company, who personifies the welfare of the insurance company, not yours!

Independent Adjuster: Is an independent contractor, who works for the insurance company representing the insurance industry’s interest, not yours!

Public Adjuster: Is a personal professional hired by you, on a contingency basis, who advocates and fights for YOUR rights and YOUR interests.

D’Orsa and Associates, LLC – Public Adjuster in Coral Springs will assist you with fire, hurricane, wind, rain, roof leak, lightning, vandalism, mold, humidity, collapse, water, burst pipe, shower pan, burst water heater, air condition leaks, burglary, accidents, sinkholes or any other type of damage or loss that is covered by your policy.

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Contact (877) P I ADJUSTER – (877) 742-3587
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